Strasse Pistol, Model 9, Experimental

Strasse Weapons Systems has been the primary center for electro-thermal weapons technology research on Gralyn. The project has been funded by both company investment and by Gralyn Union research grants. The first product of this research to leave their labs is a pistol currently being evaluated by the Gralyn Union military services. It is being considered for suitability as a potential new service sidearm. The SP-9X (Strasse Pistol, Model 9, Experimental) uses a 9x20mm ETC round. It's modular design with two different length barrels, an optional stock and additional, extended magazines.

Evaluation models have been given to the Navy, Marine and Army and the Gralyn Union Exploration and Survey Service. The CEO of Strasse Weapons Systems has provided GUESS with a dozen SP-9Xs, complete units with all options, for field test by GUESS exploratory personnel.

TL 9 9x20mm ETC Selective Fire Pistol

Round Stats:
  Casing Length=20mm
  Total Round Length=29mm
  Price: Cr0.4 Ball; Cr0.8 DS, HE, Tranq; Cr1.2 HEAP
TL-8 Selective-Fire Machine Pistol
                                      Length    Mass    Cr
23cm Light Barrel (E=2183)             23        0.5     100
Light, Self Loading Reciever
  Selective Fire (SA/3/5) ETC          16.5      1      500
Hollow Pistol Grip                               0.1     25
8cm Muzzle Brake                       (8)       0.4    200
8cm Flash Suppressor                    8        0.08     8
totals                                 47.5             899
  weight unloaded                                2.08   
14 rounds                                        0.14     2.8
Grip Magazine, 14 rounds                         0.5     75
  weight loaded                                  2.72
    Removable Carbine Stock 
        stock weight 0.7 Kg, length 25 cm, cost Cr20
    20 round magazine (extends below grip)
        magazine weight 0.68 Kg (unloaded), cost Cr106.8
    32 round magazine (extends below grip)
        magazine weight 1.0 Kg (unloaded), cost Cr170
    9cm barrel + 4 cm muzzle break
        reduces pistol weight by 0.7 Kg, cost Cr136
          23cm barrel (+8cm muzzle brake and flash hider)
        Damage  Pen     Range w/Stock  Cost/round        
Ball       3    2-Nil     37    120     0.2         
HE         4    Nil       28     90     0.4        
DS         3    1-2-Nil   44    144     0.4        
HEAP       4    2-2-2     28     90     0.6        
Tranq     -1    Nil       22     30     0.4
bulk: 3
Recoil SS  3B  5B
       1   2   3
          9cm barrel (+4cm muzzle brake)
        Damage  Pen     Range  Cost/round
Ball       2     1-Nil    15    0.2 
HE         3     Nil      11    0.4
DS         2     1-2-Nil  18    0.4
HEAP       3     2-2-2    11    0.6
Tranq     -1     Nil       9    0.4
Recoil SS  3B  5B
       2   3   5

The SP-9X is an attempt to provide a weapon that, in a pinch could serve as a pistol, a carbine or a submachine gun. It doesn't serve any of functions as well as a seperate weapon designed for each function. It does, hoever, perform well as a general-purpose weapon for non-front line troops. Given the non-military function of GUESS, such a weapon may fit for a lot of an exploratory ship's crew.

SP-9X Design Notes

The design inspiration for this weapon was the long-barreled 9mm Luger pistols issued to German submarine and artillery troops during WWII. These weapons had a barrel that was just under a foot (30.5cm) long. The 9x20mm ETC round has a average barrel length of 10cm. Fire, Fusion and Steel rules allows a maximum barrel length of 23cm, so 8cm of muzzle brake and flash suppressor were added for a total barrel length of 31cm.

The longer barrel nearly doubled the muzzle energy. This more than doubled the range and brought the damage up to 3. This barrel has a plastic grip attached to the bottom of the barrel, along the back two thirds. This allows the firer to steady the weapon without burning his or her hand. Such action is usually taken only when the detachable carbine stock is attached. This stock more than triples the range. Also like the long-barreled Luger, 20 and 32 round magazines were designed, which would extend out the bottom of the grip. These come in handy when firing in 3 or 5 round burst mode.

Of course, various sighting options can be added as well, although the WWII weapon had no such enhancements available for it.

If adopted, the weapon will be issued as a heavy pistol with the 9cm barrel and 4cm muzzle brake. The 31cm barrel/MB/FS combination, stock and extra long magazines would be availabe to GUESS starship crew memebers on exploratory missions at the decretion of the mission commander.

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