Major Races, Minor Races, Humanity, and Aliens

This document is a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of Alien and Human Races named in Traveller. Collected and put together by Mitch Schwartz.

Major Races

The "major" races are called such because they have all developed jump drive independently, and/or forged a multi-sector domain using it. Of the major races, three are human, one is geneered, and four are natural aliens.

Race				Home World

Droyne				Eskayloyt/Spinward Marches                                (Actual position unknown)

The Droyne are the survivors of the Ancients. They are a multi-part race; an individual "castes" to become a member of a subspecies suited to a particular role. Uncasted members do not fully develop and live as Chirpers. Psionically inclined. See Aliens 5: Droyne and Adventure 12:Secret of the Ancients.

Fteirle				Kusyu/Dark Nebula 1919 (Kil'rai)(Aslan)

Evolved from carnivorous hunters, they developed a society structured by clan; no central government. Culture places great value on honor to balance natural aggression. Their society spans 17 sectors spinward of Solomani space. See Aslan & Solomani and Aliens 1: Aslan.

Hivers				Guaran/Ricenden (Guaran) 0827

Evolved from gatherer/scavenger stock with six-fold radial symmetry standing about 1.5 m high weighing about 150 kg. The head is a limb modified with extra sensory organs (eye stalks, tentacles, and infrared sensors). The other limbs are used for locomotion or manipulation. No verbal speech, they communicate by ideographic sign language. They are more curious than humans. Known for their superior electronics & computers. They prefer subtle manipulation to physical confrontation or overt action. They dominate a several-sector domain trailing of Solomani Space. See Aliens 7: Hivers.

K'kree				Kirur/Ruupiin (Thirty) 1315(Centaurs)

The K'kree developed from hexapodal herd animals, developing intelligence for defense. They have a several sector realm trailing the Vargr Extents and the 3rd Imperium. Their herd mentality makes them happier only when accompanied by their extended family/herd. They are quite claustrophobic. They are arrogant, conservative, and militantly anti-carnivore. See Aliens 2: K'kree.

Solomani			Terra/Solomani Rim (Terra) 1827(Humaniti major)

Solomani humans come from humaniti's original home: Terra. Solomani are known for their curiosity, impetuosity, and belief that they should rule scattered humaniti. Of all humaniti, only the Solomani display ethnic diversity (because each other human race grew from an undiverse initial population). The Solomani Confederation is an 8 sector domain rimward of of Imperial space. See Aslan & Solomani and Aliens 6: Solomani.

Vargr				Lair/Provence (Grnouf) 2402

Geneered by the Ancients 300K years ago from terran canines. Their mental capacity was uplifted to sentience and their fore paws were reformed as hands. They are spread over 18 sectors with no encompassing government coreward of Imperial space. See Vilani & Vargr and Aliens 3: Vargr.

Vilani				Vland/Vland (Vland) 1717(Humaniti major)

Taken from Terra 300K years ago by Ancients. Developed jump drive and built 28-sector 1st Empire (Zira Sirku), which lasted a few K years before falling within 2 centuries of meeting the Solomani. Pure stock Vilani known for long life span (up to 200 years). Group-oriented culture known for careful, deliberate planning. See Vilani & Vargr.

Zhodani				Zhdant/Zhdant (Gaval) 2719(Humaniti major)

Taken from Terra 300K years ago by Ancients. Developed a society stratifiedby psionic ability now dominating a several-sector domain spinward ofVargr space that eventually came in conflict with the 3rd Imperium inSpinward Marches. See Aliens 4: Zhodani.

Minor Alien Races

Alien Races are non-human intelligent races found within known space.These count as "minor" because they did not develop jump drive on theirown. Races created by genetic engineering techniques (geneering) are noted.

Race				Home World

Adduxar				Addux?/Tienspevnekr G

Carnivorous reptilian race with small stellar empire of about 37 planets, met peacefully by the Zhodani as they expanded. Currently Zhodani citizens with a 10 planet reservation with sizable populations found throughout Zhodani space. See Aliens 4: Zhodani.

Ael Jael			Jaeyelya/Gushmege 0437

Flying sentients; leathery skinned rather than feathered. Imperial citizens. See JTAS 15 Contact!

Akeed				Akeen/Gateway 2708 (Lowton)

Minor race dominating subsector-sized Akeena Union. Achieved TL10, but jumpdrive given by humans. Human contact has been kept from direct study of society. See Gateway and MTJ4.

Akumgeda			Ksinanirz Sector(Vargr minor)

Geneered by Ancients for weird Psionic powers. See Vilani & Vargr.

Ahetoawa			Ahetoawa/Ealiyasiyw 2604

Sentient psionic plants (near plants). Contacted by Aslan. See Challenge 56 Contact!

Bolth				Fulani L (Zachrisson)

Serpentine race living in Zachrisson subsector, but thought to originatein another Galaxy. See Vanguard Reaches.

Brinn				Kateri/Corridor 2238 (Sinta)

Descended from carnivore/killer stock in a methane atmosphere. Decapodal(10-limbed), looking like a cross between a crab and a spider. Belligerentand anti-human, they occupy 6 worlds in Corridor Sector. See TD12.

Bwaps				Maharaban/Empty Quarter 0426(Newts)

Amphibians (Newts). Bipedal tailed quadrupeds from a warm, damp planet.  Known as thoroughly efficient bureaucrats throughout imperial space.See JTAS 11 Contact!

Chamaxi				Alenzar (Chamax)/Foreven L (Reiden)                                Alenzar is a belt; Chamax is an unused,                                little attended planet in that system.

Not the bugs, but a burrowing race of pseudocrustaceans related to them. They achieved TL9, including interplanetary flight, but no jump drive.When they accidentally destroyed the natural checks on the bugs, their planet was overrun and they became extinct about 400 years ago (~700ti).  See Double Adventure 5 Chamax Plague.

Chips				Cymbeline/Solomani Rim 2527 (Arcturus)

Intelligence in a naturally occurring silicon chip. The chips were unawareof the physical universe until experimentally connected to a computer.See Adventure 13 Signal GK and various TNE documentation.

Crenduthaar			Ghatsokie (Thaar)/Deneb 0902 (Lamas)

Evolved from hexapodal carnivore/pouncer stock, Crendu are about 2.5 m long and mass up to 500 kg. Massive, powerfully built, with armor-scale hides evolved to resist solar flares and a double row of sharp teeth in a flexible mouth, these are scary looking! However, they are fairly well civilized. On their own they have TL0-1, but adapt well enough to toolsprovided by their Vargr neighbors. See MTJ3.

Cytrialin			(planet)/Leonidae A (Nejim)

Dead race whose philosophic outlook provided the basis for the CytrialinUnity, a human/alien interdependent culture. See Challenge 39 Hinterworlds.

Danin				Kilradin/Crucis Margin 0416

Race of bipedal quadrupeds "of vague reptilian aspect." Trisexual, they change sex roles as they age. Principles equal with humans in a several subsector domain. See Glimmerdrift Reaches.

Dastri				Amberinth/Gateway 0527

Humanoid race with stone age civilization guarding shrinking territories on a terra-like world from human colonization. See MTJ4.

Dishaan				Provalan/Zarushagar 2325 (Wolf)

Dolphin				Terra/Solomani Rim 1827

Intelligent aquatic mammals. 'Phins went to the stars with Solomani, most frequently to high water planets. Often fitted with waldoes for manipulation. See Best of Journal 1 Contact!

Droashav			Original world unknown.                                 now: Trevannic/Gateway 2219 (Castra)

Pseudo-reptilian six-limbed bipedal carnivores. About 1.3 m tall with sharp10 cm claws on their feet. Not native to Trevannic. See Gateway and MTJ4.

Ebokin				Yebab/Spinward Marches 2202 (Aramis)

Arthropoid octoped sophonts living mostly planet bound on this one planetat TL5. They are Imperial citizens, with a very conservative culture.  Population about 700 million. See Traveller Adventure.


See TD9.

Eslyat				Elliador/Vanguard Reaches 3110

Evolved from liquid-dwelling omnivorous hunters. Currently living inenvironments similar to humaniti. They control a roughly 2 subsectordomain. They are divided into three subspecies mostly differentiated byskin color:

        Selyin - blue    nobility        (17%)        Magsin - green   farmer/workers  (44%)        Chutin - red     warriors        (39%)

See Vanguard Reaches.

Eshaar Ashah			Eshaar/Far Frontiers 2122

Natives of a methane planet between Zhodani Consulate and a few Imperialclient states. They look a bit like giant horseshoe crabs. They believethat they are part of a planet-wide organism. See Ordeal by Eshaar.

Faar				Alphaaric/Gateway 1133 (Beckann)

Minor Race with high tech civilization (TL16), but never had the urge toexplore beyond their planet; they never bothered with jump drive. Thrivingexport trade with human merchants. See Gateway and MTJ4.

Githiashio			Githiashi/Antares 2406

Intelligent squidoids some 2-2.5 meters long living on water worlds.See JTAS 16 Contact!

Gifug'kagh			Kagh'kir (Saviztah)/Ruupiin (Kirarurr!ka)(Savitztahen)			(K'kree Space)

Evolved from hunter/omnivore stock, humanoid about 1.5 m tall; stocky. This race was the third contacted by the K'kree and successfully turnedinto a subject race. See JTAS 21 Contact!

Gl'lu				Kubishush/Deneb 0917 (Inar)

Hermaphroditic septapodal minor race. See TD1.

Gniivi				Hinterworlds H & L (Menere's Reach & Sontra)

"Large, long-lived creatures," "slow and deliberate" with 3 subsectordomain at trailing edge of Hinterworlds. See Challenge 39 Hinterworlds.

Gurvin				Ofilaq/Fologore A

Derived from hexapodal omnivore/hunter stock, about 1.75 m. tall, standingupright on two legs. The middle limbs can also be used as legs (for stabilityif needed or speed). Females are much more intelligent than males, whoseldom leave Gurvin settlements. Females can be found throughout Hiverspace as merchants and business execs or less commonly as explorers. Theyare obsessed with money. Most place names in the Hive Federation are derivedfrom the Gurvin language, which provides an intermediate translation betweenphonetic languages (like Galanglic) and the Hiver ideographic tongue.See Aliens 7: Hivers.

Hhkar				Skkyhrk (Urinir)/Amdukan 2213

Reptilians evolved from carnivore/killer, bipedal with heavy tail, 2.5m, 250 kg. Migrated from home worlds about -10,000ti; returned -222 tipushing Vargr settlers out. Control half subsector domain. member ofJulian Protectorate. See Challenge 52 Contact!

Hlannasai			Vrirhlanz in Vargr Extents

Bipedal quadrupeds some 2.1 m tall average mass only 55 kg. Evolved fromhunter/omnivore stock. Emotionally unstable. See JTAS 22 Contact!

Hloans				Hloa/Dark Nebula 1719 (Kil'rai)

Large aquatic sophonts with little or no technology, no interest in theuniverse beyond their seas and generating little interest in themselves.See TD17.

H'Oskhikhil			Storm/Reavers' Deep 1404

Manhole-shaped beings .5 m high by 1.5 m diameter. Only the adult stageis intelligent. They have only recently begun to develop a culture becausethe adults developed armor against ravaging juveniles who eat them. Seewrite-up of Reavers' Deep, TSG (series), or Aoreriyya Library Data.

Huosua				Iraisafeie/Ealiyasiyw 1527 (Tohai)

Minor, nonhuman race. Dangerous and Xenophobic. Looks like a possibilityfor "Aliens."

Irdu				Ishirdu / Corridor (Two Worlds)

See TD3.

Ithklur				Tryylin/Extolian H

Reptilian humanoids evolved from carnivore/pouncer stock. An aggressive raceused by the Hivers as space marines or other muscle. 2 m. tall, 200 kg,bipedal with a short thick tail for balance, clawed fingers, heavily built,with a mouthful of teeth wrapped in a tough hide. The Hivers found themin -3986ti and spent 1000 years manipulating their society into somethingmore manageable before letting them into space. See Aliens 7: Hivers andTraveller: TNE.

J'aadje				Gaajpaadje/Reavers' Deep 1124

Agile, golden-skinned omnivorous humanoids about 1.5 m tall weighing approx.65 kg. confined to one planet. Achieved TL4. Trade relations with Caledonbegun about 1110 ti. See Double Adventure 6 Night of Conquest.

Jenda				(planet)/Leonidae M (Yudunn)

Great capacity for biochemical technology.

Jessa				Galatea/Far Frontiers 1628 (Inverness)

Lizard-like and thin, highly dexterous and six-fingered, standing about 1.6m tall. This race has developed a TL5 civilization living in dirigiblesto avoid the problems of living on a geologically active planet. It alsodoes not provide much of an industrial base. See Rescue on Galatea. SeeRescue on Galatea.

Jgd-il-Jadg			Jagd/near Vilani space (Lishun 2307?)

Hydrogen bag critters discovered by early Vilani explorers inhabitingthe atmosphere of a Saturn-sized gas giant. See JTAS 17 Contact!

Keo Neseb			Penkwar/Spinward Marches 2128                                        (Lunion)

Extinct insectoid race resembling giant praying mantises. Believed tohave reached their apex about 8 million years ago, having reached at leasttwo neighbors Persephone and Harvosette. They seemed to have mined mosteasily reachable material of any value on these three planets. Theirfate is unknown. See RICE paper on Persephone.

Khethss				Giranima [location uncertain]


Kidulans			Kidulaar / Fornast

See Grand Census.

Kokasha				Rukhs Dall Sector (Vargr minor)

Geneered by Ancients for enhanced mental capabilities at the expense ofsize. Nearly extinct. See Vilani & Vargr.

Kolzar				Wimorel / Vland 3129 (Anakod)

See TD5.

Lalendrians			Lalendriss/Kaa G!'kul 3128 or 3228 (K'righeek)

Humanoid and near human size (they can use human equipment), theLalendrians are a K'kree subject race. They have an active independencemovement willing to take violent action. See Challenge 26.

Lamura Gav			(planet)/Leonidae A?

Part of a human/alien interdependent culture, the Cytrialin Unity. Describedas "small, spidery-legged." Their multi-subsector domain stretches intoHinterworlds H & L (Manere Reach & Sontra). See Glimmerdrift Reaches.

Languljigee			Lajangigal/Reavers' Deep 1721                                        (Drexilthar)

Small population of native sophonts (not described) living TL3 existence.Not often visited by human traders or raiders. See Pilot's Guide to theDrexilthar Subsector.

Larianz				Byret/Spinward Marches 2523 (Mora)

See Spinward Marches Campaign.

Lasat				Zurr/Lishun 1205?

Lhshana				Lhshami/Reavers' Deep G (Caledon)

Small (1.2 m tall) trilaterally symmetrical sophonts evolved fromomnivore/gatherer stock. TL9 civilization when contacted in 598 ti byCaledon, but never showed interest in space. Unaggressive, contemplativefor 2K civilized years. Protected by Caledon. Raided by the Saie andlater Reavers. See Ascent of Anekthor.

Llellewyloly			Junidy/Spinward Marches 3202 (Aramis)(Dandelions)

Large plant-like sophonts native to planet. Imperial citizens. Populationabout 14 billion (living with equal number humans). In early 1100s, therewas growing tension between the Dandies and humans See Traveller Adventure.

Luupim				Luupim/K'risheek subsector(?) 0408                                (somewhere in K'kree space)

Thick-furred, bipedal primitives from omnivore/hunter stock living ina dispersed TL3 society. They relish hunting and live in small towns orcities. No large cities. No known major political entities. See Aliens2: Centaurs.

Minlad				Kaiid/Lishun 0621 (Shuna)

Just barely sentient. See TD6.

Mirani				Mirayn/Far Frontiers 2134(Gogs)

Upright hexapod omnivore/hunter. Achieved TL3 before civilization destroyedby climate change. See Legend of the Sky Raiders.

Murians				Arcturus/Vanguard Reaches 1203

Similar to humaniti, but stocky and hirsute (thick fur), evolved fromomnivore/eaters. Technologically advanced, but unclear as to whetherdeveloped by themselves or gotten from human traders. See Vanguard Reaches.

Mwawmbijebe			Kualakhtaea (Aslan Space)

Tailed bipedal reptilians about 1.4 m. tall, massing 60 kg, with broadfeatures and short, flattish digits. TL1 civilization. See Alien Realms.

Nakagun				Listanaya Sector(Vargr minor)

Geneered by Ancients for weird Psionic powers. See Vilani & Vargr.

Ojeshodu			Neghu Oug/Corridor 2804 (Narrows)

Race of large aquatic mammals. They share their home world with the Vargr.See TD18.

Ormine				Ankhlare/Dark Nebula 1313

Long-lived (300 year lifespan), slow-moving reptilians living in asubsector-sized domain between the Aslan and the Solomani. See Aslan &Solomani.

Orpheides			Orphee/Reft 1429 (New Islands)

Herbivorous Grazers barely classified as intelligent with TL0 development.See Trillion Credit Squadron.

Peth				Peolanti/Zarushagar 2824  (Oasis)

Native race that aided humans to survive the exotic atmosphere after theCollapse. TL8 civilization. Imperial Citizens. See Challenge 75 Oasis!

Prt'				Prt'aow/Spica (Hiver space)

Geneered by Hass'kor into sentience from carnivore/pouncer stock. Vaguelyfelinoid, 1m tall 25-30 kg, mostly bipedal, furry quadrupeds. Contactedby Hivers and civilized starting -2400ti. See JTAS 26 Contact!

Roth Thokken			Angfutsag Sector(Vargr minor)

Geneered by Ancients for weird Psionic powers. The race is blind frombirth. See Vilani & Vargr.

Saie or Yn-tsai			(planet)/Reavers' Deep B or C;                                Also on Tsanesi/Reavers' Deep G (Caledon),                                but not native

Once a small empire of raiders using Vilani tech who turned on themselves. Fur-covered, seven-fingered, bipedal quadrupeds. Also the "abominablesnowmen" of Anekthor, the great mountain on Glenshiel (RD 1912) (3700year old remnant of a crashed crew). Anekthori version may be furrierthan Tsanesi. Home world considered to be a dim Red dwarf at the edgeof the Rift. See Ascent of Anekthor.

Salika				Garden/Reft 0435 (Alone)

Humanoid race evolved to be aquatic, covered in short fine fur like a seal,with slightly webbed multi-jointed fingers. The Salika abandoned theirhome world in generation ships when their sun went through a hot phase about1000 ti. Friendly and tolerant, not prone to combat. They live only 45-55standard years. See TD19&20.

Sambiqys			Sambiq/Antares 2604?

The Sambiqys are intelligent androids built in the image of their humanoidcreators, who died out of a plague several thousand years ago. Early Vilaniexplorers found them; the first several contact parties were dissectedto see how they were constructed; then Sambiq was declared a Red Zone.See JTAS 24 Contact!

Satha				Galatea/Far Frontiers (Inverness 0808)

Large (whale-sized) sophonts living in the stormy seas of Galatea. About asamphibious as seals. See Rescue on Galatea.

Shalli				Vras (Aubaine)/Old Expanses 0738

Amphibian sophonts 2-2.5 m long. Stronger than humans, but unable to bringmost of that strength to bear out of the water. Shalli intelligence wasdetected by Imperial officials after removal of large numbers to Shall(OE 0638) for testing, but hidden to avoid property and mineral rightscontention. Only accepted as intelligent after the Collapse. See Pathof Tears.

Shi'awei			Chaosheo/Deneb 0130 (Star Lane)

Bulky aquatic creatures; bullet shaped with 4 evenly spaced arms. See TD19.

Shrashashee			532-210/Diaspora I (Ebasha)

Deep dwellers below a fluid sea evolved form carnivore/siren stock, theyproduce biotechnical products; just beginning to work with iron andaluminum. Interdicted during the 3rd Imperium, Shrashashee have littlecontact with humans. See TTC4 Astrogator's Update to Diaspora Sector.

Shreikers			567-908/Spinward Marches 1031

Intelligent hexapods about 1 m at the shoulder. They talk at the highend of human hearing, hence their name. Achieved TL3 before a planetarytectonic disaster shook them back down to TL0. See Adventure 11 SafariShip.

Sred*Ni				I'Sred*Ni/The Beyond 2026

Race of mammalian arachnids, intelligent, but with a communal psioniclink. They run a subsector-sized domain and are not very pleasant. SeeThe Beyond.

Stalkers of the Whispering Sky	Daniss/Hinterworlds 1329 (Bruia)

Race of bipedal xenophobic psionic humanoids controlling a half-subsectordomain. See Challenge 39 Hinterworlds.

Tahavi				Tahaver/Vland 2017 (Vland)

Intelligent Mantas. Discovered by Vilani in -9310 ti (~3600 BC). SeeVilani & Vargr and TD5.

Tentrassi			Origin unknown

The Tentrassi wander space in nomad jump fleets, seeking their lost homeworld. Nomad Fleet 8 visited Raweh (Spinward Marches 0137) around 1100 andagain in 1122 ti. See MTJ3.

Thorellians			Thorell/Old Expanses 0231

Mentioned in Far Traveller?. Gone by TNE.

Ulane				Ul / Dark Nebula 0603

Evolved from flying carnivore/insectivore hunter mammal quadrupeds, Ulanewings are now vestigial, developed into another set of fingers. Less than1 m long, hollow-boned and delicate, their diet consists mostly of fruit(to maintain high methabolism), some insects and small game. They live insmall scattered communities requiring large foraging territories. Notcombative, but organized along clan lines, they were contacted by theAslan. Given ships in -1385 ti, they spread to about six worlds, none ofwhich were as inviting as their home world. Unable to produce or maintainships on their own, expansion stopped. See TD17.

Urzaeng				through out Vargr Extents(Vargr minor)

Taller and more powerfully built than humans, these massive Vargr cantake on Aslan males in unarmed melee. Originally bred for guard dutyand menial labor, they tend to lack full mental faculties. (Big & dumb). See Vilani & Vargr.

Vegan				Muan Gwi/Solomani Rim 1717 (Vega)

Bipedal, upright, bilaterally symmetrical beings about 2.2 m tall, andadapted to their hot, dry, low gravity world and long (~200 year) lifespan.They received jump drive from Vilani traders about -6000ti and wereforcibly brought into the Zira Sirku in -4404ti. They are concentrated inan autonomous region filling most of a subsector. Currently(1105-1130ti) an Imperial ally. See Solomani Rim and Supplement 11Library Data N-Z.

Virushi				Virshash/Reavers' Deep 2724

Referred to as walking bulldozers. 1.8 m to the shoulder, nearly 1 tonin weight. Of gentle disposition and easy-going, but not stupid. They canbe stubborn when pressed See JTAS 12 Contact!

Xapoqi				Xapoqoz/Corridor 3131 (Sashrakusha)

Race of near-plants. See TD18.

Za'tachk			Loza'tch/Wrenton K

Derived from omnivore/gathers; trisexual species. They are similar incharacter to the Hivers, although more conservative. They tend to be foundin administrative roles. See Aliens 7: Hivers.

Minor Humaniti

All minor human races derive from two sources: either they were removedfrom Terra about 300K years ago by the Ancients and left in various places(and managed to survive after the destructive fratricidal war thatdestroyed the Ancients) or they were developed some time during the last2000 years by Solomani genetic engineering techniques (geneering). Theseraces count as "minor" because they did not develop jump drive on theirown.

Race				Home World

Answerin			Answerin/Vland 0431

They believe fear is a disease of the mind and have developed means oftreating it. Prized as marines in Rebellion Era. See Challenge 52 Contactand Vilani & Vargr.

Cafadan				Cafad/Corridor 3135 (Sashrakusha)

See TD3.


Shown as picture in Aslan & Solomani. May be taller on average than Solomani.

Darmine				Irap/Zarushagar 2630 (Oasis)

Minor human race that colonized much of Zarushagar Sector during the LongNight. Origin not generally known, but had a high concentration on Irap(multi-billion). Various cultural elements persisted throughout 3rdImperium, including their language Kadli. See Challenge 75 Oasis!

Darrian				Darrian/Spinward Marches 0627                                        (Darrian)

Left by Ancients in Spinward Marches. Found by Solomani fleeing the LongNight. Currently Imperial/Deneb ally. See Aliens 8: Darrians.

Dynchia				Melantris/Leonidae                                (Melantris 0806)

Race of humans who developed into carnivores. All tall (2m), with hairas a mane down the back (both sexes), built slim. Very honor-driven society.Dominates the 5 subsector Comitae (with minority pop of Solomani) "trailingof Old Expanses" but not in the Hinterworlds. See JTAS 24 Contact!

Floriani			Floria/Trojan Reaches 0213 (Yggdrasil)

Race made up of two castes, basically brain (the Barnai) and brawn (theFeskals), which cannot interbreed. Another Ancient geneering experiment.The Florian League is an independent state outside of the Imperial border.See TD20.

Geonee				Shiwonee/Massillia 1430

When encountered by Vilani Scouts in -9000 ti, they had a jump drive derivedfrom a derelict vessel of unknown origin and had settled about 10 planets. See Vilani & Vargr. Shown as picture in Aslan & Solomani. Probablya High-G adapted.

Halkans				Halka/Trojan Reach 0510 (Menorial)

Halkans appear to be slightly built albinos, but they are not. Their eyesare pale grey (nearly white) Their hair color ranges from white to ash-paleblond. Discovered by Floriani explorers in -50 ti, they were held asslaves until 1000s. See TD19.

Happirvha			Rejhappur/Reavers' Deep 1318?

Rejhappur is a dry planet in Reavers' Deep; humans have some adaptationfor dry living. Reached TL3 before Caledon domination. See Far Traveller 2.

Hass'kor			Prt'oaw/Spica (?)

Had "Solomani size and shape"; TL9 w/o jump drive but TL16 biochemicaltechnology. Uplifted the Prt' to sentience, then died in an interplanetarywar. See JTAS 26 Contact!

Ikhandre			Somewhere in Lishun Sector

Race "enslaves half its population." Mentioned in Aliens 8: Darrians.

Iltharan			Drexilthar/Reavers' Deep 1826(K'tring on Gaajpaadge RD 1124)

Drexilthar is a wet planet in Reavers' Deep with little land. Aggressive culture carved subsector empire by conquest during the Long Night.Periodically beaten up by the Imperium to keep them down. Sliver of race called K'tring on Gaajpaadge; survivors of a warship's crew. See Pilot's Guide to Drexilthar Subsector, Double Adventure 6 Night of Conquest, and developmental text for TNE-pocket.

Issugar				Parthinia/within "6 weeks of Consulate                                border" Near but not in Spinward Marches

Left by Ancients 300,000 years ago. Since dropped to primitive conditions.Never very numerous; now live on a restricted reservation. See AlienRealms.

Iziri				Izir/Ustral Quadrant 1126

Geneered race designed for harsh environment, thin atmosphere and bad radio conditions. They can communicate across long distances (klicks) by sound. See Aslan & Solomani.

Jonkeereen			Jonkeer/Deneb 1324 (Vincennes)

Geneered race designed for desert existence. Originally designed for adesert planet in Gushmege to counter Suerrat expansion early in the 400s,they were developed by SUSag on Jonkeer in the 500s and developed their own subculture in the 600s. See MTJ3.

Khulan				Khula/Vland 1919

Died out thousands of years before Vilani Scouts arrived in -9309 ti. See Vilani & Vargr.

Loeskalth			somewhere in Gushmege (Sky Raiders)

Extinct race who got jump drive from the Vilani and got aggressive. Beforethe Vilani finished them off, a massive asteroid ship took off across the void about -4500 ti. Emerging on the other side, they became known as the Sky Raiders, legendary across Far Frontiers Sectors. Eventually,civilization aboard their world ship broke down; many left and colonized worlds in Far Frontiers, interbreeding with the Vlazhumecta (qv). See Fate of the Sky Raiders and TTC5.

Mal'Gnar			Mal'Gnar/The Beyond 3002

Humans geneered by Ancients to fly, with feathered wings and retractable feet. Tend to remain aloof from Humaniti and hate Droyne. They are reported as interfertile with humaniti, but I'd hate to see a cross-breed! See The Beyond.

Mermani				Phaedrus/Alpha Crucis 1006

Humans geneered by Imperial research scientists for existence underwater,featuring large webbed hands and feet, no body hair, flat or external ear, wide noses that seal (I guess like a seal's), and unpigmented skin,leaving them the color of alabaster. See TTC5 "Mermani Descent."

Murrissi			[uncertain Coreward Hierate location]

Nexies				Nexine/Spinward Marches 3030 (Mora)

Nexine is an underpopulated water world being "reseeded" by the Ministryof Conservation (as of 1105) using biologically altered humans. No descriptionavailable. See Supplement 3 Spinward Marches.

Suerrat				Ilelish/Ilelish 2907

Shown as picture in Aslan & Solomani.

Sydymic				Sopater/Ley 2929

Aggressive minor race controlling a subsector-sized domain. 2.4 m tall! See Ley Sector.

Syleans				Sylea/Core

Human minor race responsible for the Sylean Federation, which became the 3rd Imperium.

Tapazmal			Dlaekan/Reft 3134 (Moiban)

Geneered by the Ancients for low birth rate. later raided by the Loeskalth before annexation by the Zira Sirku. See TD20.

Thaggeshi			Thaggesh/Vland 2530

Primitive human race found by the Vilani in early -9100s ti. (Since then,probably subsumed by Vilani for the most part.) See Vilani & Vargr.

Vlazhumecta			(planet)/Far Frontiers

Human minor race contacted by the Zhodani about -4900 ti. They got jump-drivefrom Zho traders. After rapid expansion, they collapsed under the strain of maintaining colonies far away. The Zho came in to clean up the pieces. Many mixed with Loeskalth (Sky Raiders), who colonized the same area when their Sky Raider civilization fractured about -3900 ti. See TTC5"Far Frontiers."

Yileans				Gashigan/Gashigan (Gashlikan)

Wuans				Wu/Magyar 0203

Self-geneered race designed for industrial production. Workers are single-minded and physically tough. Managers have more cerebral flexibility. See Aslan & Solomani.

Zaris				(planet)/Glimmerdrift Reaches N                                (Zairae)

Humans geneered by Ancients as labor; designed to be non-interfertile ("profound biochemical differences") to avoid contamination by wild warriorstrains of humaniti. Race possesses latent psionic link that provides stability and quick reaction to disasters. See Glimmerdrift Reaches.

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