Space Vermin Traveller Non-Player Characters

Count Markarius Thorn XXIV:
A filthy rich Imperial Noble, from a filthy rich Imperial Noble family. He is retired from the Imperial Navy, and the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. The Count is the owner of the March Hare. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Silver Rose Security Agency.

Jacqueline Burton:
A native of Phume, a TL 7 planet in the Spinward Marches. She is an atmospheric jet fighter pilot by nature and training. 'Jac' can fly anything with wings or rotors. She is now the Count's companion. She holds the rank of Major in the Silver Rose Security Agency.
Dr. Clayton Jasile:
The Ship's Doctor. A thin man of medium height. His skin is the color of light chocolate. His hair forms a skull cap of tight black curls, the edges touched with gray. He dresses conservatively, but well. In his off hours he often plays one of his flutes. He worked for the Ducal and Imperial Navies during the war.
The Steward of the March Hare. He is an Imperial born Vargr. Kaeruz is a retired Imperial Navy Petty Officer.
Diana Bonesteel:
A huntress and guide. She is 205 centimeters of whipcord muscle and sinew wrapped in skin the tone of dark copper. She is currently under the Count's hire and sharing a cabin with Dr. Calhoun.
His real name is a meter and half long. You don't want to try it. He is a Bwap. He handles the Count's paperwork with efficiency that will make your head spin.
Dr. Noekue Calhoun:
A large animal Vet. A scrawny example of a male Vargr, he makes up for it with a 'can do' attitude and a wide grin. His fur is light gray with red highlights on his muzzle, chest, and tail. There is just a touch of gray visible on his muzzle. When he isn't locked in his cabin, howling, with Diana, he's trying to find someone to fence with. He's in charge of the horses in the low berths.
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