If Al Gore is the answer, it's a pretty fornicating weird question.

It is now December 2002. Al Gore has decided not to run for President in 2004.
Just before that announcement, he hosted Saturday Night Live. Did a really good job at it too.
My wife asked why did he do that if he wasn't going to run. I though for a momement, and decided that he just wanted to have some fun.
He deserved it. After eight years of fighting turf wars with HRC and having Bill Clinton hide behind his good reputation, and then the knock down drag out election (which he probably could have won if he had run as Al Gore, and not as whatever his DNC handlers though he should be based on poll data), Mr. Gore was due to something fun for himself.

"Vice President [Al] Gore has dedicated many years of his life to the cause of public service.
...But now the time has come for the Vice President to make yet another sacrifice in the service of his country. It is time for Vice President Gore, in the best interests of the nation, to concede the election to Gov. George W. Bush."
Timothy M. Richardson, spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police

It's December. The Florida Secretary of State has legally declared George W. Bush the winner of the Flordia 25 Electoral College votes.  This mean that George W. Bush is going be President come Jan. 20, 2001.
The question is, while AlGore show the statesmanship show by others in the past, and admit defeat? The nation should be allowed to move on.
Will AlGore embrace Clintonism one more time and and instead challange the Constitution? (Answer: Yes)Will he engage in the petty attacks on vote counts? (Answer: Yes) Will he try to get Electorial College delegates to change their votes for him? (Answer: Yes)If he does, the truth will be come crystal clear.
AlGore will show that he cares more for AlGore than he does for America, the Constitution, or the American People.

The actions of the AlGore Campaign has been anything but statemenship like. They have supported and backed over thirty seperate lawsuits. Lawsuits that only serve the purpose of trying to hijack the election from the American People.
Let's be real here folks: Algore is at least FIVE time loser. He lost the first Florida election. He lost the legally required statewide recount. Despite his best efforts to deny the vote to members of the US Military, he lost the absentee ballot. He lost the final tally, delayed (despite Federal Code) by the Florida Supreme Court. He lost his court case to restart the illegal manufacture of AlGore votes by means of a manual recount with questionable standards.

Show some bloody dignity and conceed!

Algore seems to have taken his strategy from the old movie "Robin and the Seven Hoods," in which Dean Martin suggests to Frank Sinatra, "When your opponent's holding all the aces there's only one thing to do: Kick over the table."

AlGore's spin doctors came out early with the Big Lie. They claimed that the ballot in Palm Beach County was illegal. Whoops, the ballot, designed by a democratic election offical, is a legal book ballot by state law.
The same type of ballot was used in 1996, and 16,000 votes were tossed out then for mispunching. This isn't isolated case of an ill designed ballot, it's a case of the people there can't bloody read. Tests with second & fourth graders showed that they had no problems figuring out the ballot.
The other half of the SoreLoserman 2000 team was all over the Sunday Political talks shows (11/19), repeating the Big Lie that this ballot is illegal.
AlGore's spinners keeping bringing up AlGore's razor thin margin in the popular vote. It's Less Than 200,000 out of 100 Million ballots counted so far! That's less than 1/5 of 1%! That's a smaller margin than the one that triggered the recount in Florida.
If Algore is going to keep on his high hobby horse about winning the popular vote, then he has no logical reason to contest the vote in Florida, which has lost, and then lost again. There are still millions of absentee ballots uncounted across the country. These ballots could not only sink him in Florida, but the could also cost him several close states and put him behind in the popular vote. AlGore wants to try to hijack the Florida election before these votes can be counted.
A week before the election, when the pundits claimed that Gov. Bush could win the popular vote, while AlGore would sweep the Electoral College, AlGore stated on MSNBC that the Consitution should rule. He stressed that the popular vote doesn't elect the President. Now it's the straw he's clinging to.
The SoreLoserman 2000 team's mantra of "count every vote" was proven to be yet another BIG LIE, when they declared War on American Servicemen and Servicewomen overseas. The Democrats sent out teams of lawyers to every county in Florida, with written detailed, instructions on how to fight absentee ballots. They stole votes from over 1400 people, mostly men and women in uniform, through legal trickery, while demanding that any "chad" not punched for Albore should count as a vote for Albore.
The Big Lie Part II: "A Full and Accurate Count," translated as "manufacturing votes out of thin air for Algore and illegally removing votes for G.W. Bush"
Let's be real here, the Sore Loserman team does not want a full and accurate count.
This is painfully obvious to anybody with at least two brain cells sparking. They only want a "recount" in counties where they have already have a strong lead. They only want to force local canvassing boards (by court order if needed) to relax the manual recount rules to absurd levels so any vote that isn't clearly punched through for Bush can be "devined" to be a vote for Algore, regardless of the actual intent of voter. They also don't want votes to count if they could possibly be for anybody but Algore (the whining, spoiled, rich kid, crybaby). This is why they sent teams of lawyers to illegally discount any military absentee ballot they could. They still have their lawyer thug squads roaming the Florida courts seeking to deny servicemen & servicewomen their rights, and putting the spotlight on their Big Lie.

Remember what Albore said in an interview in Newsweek magazine back in 1999, "I'll do anything to win."

If you want the Gore election teams thoughts brought into a sharp focus, look at these quotes by two people with very simular political views:

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin: "The people who vote decide nothing. The people who count the vote decide everything."

AlGore Campaign Manager Donna Brazile: "Al Gore won the popular vote. I did my job. I did get that vote out. Unfortunately, I didn't get to count it."

Let's be real. The man is delusional. He claims that he and Tipper were the basis for the book Love Story. The author disagrees. He claims to have invented the Internet. The Internet went on line the year he started college. The Media Research Center has some footage showing that he can't even get the White House URL right.
And the Beat Goes On folks! AlGore's latest gaff: He claims to have been the one to blow the whistle on the Love Canal industrial waste problem. He hadn't even stopped patting himself on the back for that one before he had to start backpedelling to the truth!

Look back to his, let's be kind, lackluster campaign for President in 1988. He was bloody awful. The sad truth is that the only election he ever won was a Senator's seat in Tennesse. He was fortunate that many people there though they were still voting for his father.
Here is another flat out Gore Lie:
"Vice President Al Gore, in his [Los Angeles] Times/CNN debate with Senator Bradley, told of an alleged private meeting between Governor Bush, Pat Robertson and me [Jerry Falwell], from which Pat and I emerged telling the governor we were pleased with what we had heard,"
According to Rev. Falwell no such meeting ever occurred..."

Let's get to brass tacks, if you're a real liberal, you're gonna vote for Ralph Nader and not Clinton-lite.

"I'm going to lay it on the line.. The next president of the United States has to be someone who the American people can believe will stay with his convictions." -- Al Gore, 1988 Democratic Presidential Debate, 2/18/88.

Al Gore keeps shoveling hot and cold lies about the economy

For example, see his performance in a June 15 interview with PBS anchorman Jim Lehrer. Mr. Lehrer asked Gore about who could take credit for the economy: "Let me read you what Governor Bush said about it. ‘The momentum of today's prosperity began in the 1980s with sound money, deregulation, the opening of global trade and a 25% tax cut.’ Has he got it wrong?"

To hear Gore’s response is to be amazed at the degree to which this man, like his boss, will shamelessly....lie. "Oh yeah, of course. Because we had a miserable economic performance in the 1980's, and you don't have to take my word for that. Just ask anybody on the street who went through it. We had the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's."

How on earth can anyone pretend that we had a "miserable economic performance" on a national scale in the 1980s? Reagan saved America from Jimmy Carter economics: inflation went down from 13.5 to 4.1 percent; unemployment, from 9.5 to 5.2 percent; the federal discount rate, from 14 to 6.5 percent; the number of jobs up almost 20 million; median family income up every year from 1982 to 1989. It was the greatest peacetime expansion in history.

For more details, click here.

Al Gore: Slum Lord

If you blinked, you missed this on the few news services that covered this. A tentant farmer on his extensive farm holdings was complaining about the poor about the poor condition of the house they rented from AlGore. The sinks backed up, as did the toliet. Months of complaining brought only silence, followed by an eviction notice. The Gore Management company told them that they wanted the house for Secret Service agents. Her problems were fixed, only after going to the press about Al Gore's Slum Lord tactics.

"If this had been a Republican, people would have been crying ‘slumlord.’ That would be the headline ­ ‘Slumlord’ ­ and a man who doesn’t take care of little people..." -- National Public Radio talk show host Juan Williams on Gore’s tenant problems, June 4, 2000 Fox News Sunday.

Remember kids:

Al Gore was the first political candidate to raise the Willie Horton issue when he questioned the Massachusetts Governor about it in a debate in the New York Democratic primary campaign in 1988.

Gore quotes & quotes about Al Gore:

Al Gore picked a running mate, Senator Lieberman. The Senator was one of the first Democrats in Congress to speak out negatively about Bill Clinton's purgery and other High Crimes. Al Gore called Bill one of the finest Presidents the day he was impeached.

Mr. Lieberman declared in 1998 that "individual control of part of the retirement/Social Security funds has to happen."
In case you forgot, Al Gore is dead set against this idea. It's a feature of the George W. Bush campaign.

CNN Capital Gang liberal columnist Mark Shields conceded the media held Dick Cheney to a different standard than they applied to Lieberman: "The press has been in Joe Lieberman's pocket. I mean let's be honest about it. Let's just point one thing out: All of us commented, myself among them, on Dick Cheney's student deferments. I mean, I have seen one story written on Joe Lieberman's student deferments and his lack of military service."

Democratic delegate quotas and how Senator Joseph Lieberman's religion contradicts "inclusion" were both raised on Fox News Sunday:

Host Tony Snow to Senator Joe Lieberman after Lieberman insisted the Democrats, unlike the Republicans, will show real diversity: "But isn't it also true that for your convention you have quotas?"

Tony Snow asked Gore campaign chairman Bill Daley: "There's a lot of talk about inclusiveness this week. Mr. Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew. Orthodox Judaism mandates the separation of sexes in synagogue, it doesn't support the mixture of sexes in the military, it opposes homosexuality, does not recognize so-called mixed marriages, that is marrying outside the religion. My question to you is what's inclusive about that?"

Author and political Columnist Ann Coulter brought up this accurate point:
"Echoing other Gore campaign staffers, ABC's Cokie Roberts casually remarked on NPR the other day that any "hard-core anti-Semites" are not "likely to vote for the Democratic ticket" anyway."
"She must be referring to all those registered Republicans like Louis Farrakhan and Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson."

Remember kids, it was former Democratic Presidential hopeful, the Rev. Jesse Jackson called New York City "Hymietown" during the 1988 Presidential Campaign. Just today (8/14/2000), it was reported that the leader of Louis Farrakhan, another far left of center liberal supporter of the Democratic Party, said that Joe Liberman would be more beholden to the state of Israel than the Constitution of the United States.

Joe Liberman's double standards: He voted against Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court Judge, but voted to acquit Billy Jeff Clinton of purgery and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

My far left extremist friends are operating in their typical fashion.
They are making insulting smears of anybody they don't like, regardless of the truth.
One example is the is smearing jokes they make about Texas Gov. George W. Bush. They play up his history as a party animal, while they hold up Al Bore as a shining example of a Harvard student & politician.

What a crock of horse dung!

The truth, as shown by college transcripts, is that George W. Bush maintained a higher GPA as an undergraduate at Yale than Al Gore did at Harvard. It seems that Al Gore, who knew as a Senator's son, his position at Harvard was secure, spent most of his time, watching TV, using illegal drugs, and eating junk food.

In Clintonism, it's only bad if a Republican does it...

President Clinton excoriated Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney for voting "against releasing" Nelson Mandela from prison in the 1980s, but apparently did not realize that he was campaigning for a Democrat who voted the same way.
"That takes your breath away," Mr. Clinton declared of Mr. Cheney's vote as a congressman.
Several days earlier, Mr. Clinton praised Bill Nelson, the Democratic candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Florida, as a man of great judgment. Yet Mr. Nelson was one of 32 Democrats who voted against the measure.

Prince Albert: The Life and Lies of Al Gore by David N. Bossie and Floyd G. Brown
Al Gore: A User's Manual by Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair, two liberals.
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