Steele's Spartans uniforms and rank insignia.

Standard uniform is dark gray with navy blue trim, gray cap, and black boots. Officers are issued an optional waist length jacket with insignia replicated. A name tag is attached above the left breast pocket. Branch is signifed by a collar patch (blue on grey, pin for non-fatigue uniforms).

Spartan dress uniforms. Officers short jacket is replaced with a longer, dark blue jacket with light gray trim. It is worn with a belt. Pistols, dress daggers or swords may be worn on the belt. Spurs for those who can wear them. Lt. Quinn's school rag is worn under the belt.

Tech duty uniform: Dark gray coveralls. Made from a very tough fabric with reinforced knees and elbows. It's equipped with a large array of zippered pockets, loops and Velcro tabs. Each set of coveralls is issued with a set of sturdy steel toed boots, a Spartan's ball cap, and several sets of work gloves.

The Spartan's Infantry unit has been issued BDUs and flack jackets in various camouflage configurations (urban, forest, desert, jungle, winter, and night). The BDUs have built in thermo masking, reinforced elbow, knee and rifle pads. The flack jackets double as load bearing vests, as well having a built in hydration system. The BDUs are issued with Spartan ball caps, but Infantry typically wear boonie hats or helmets.

Branch Insigna

MechWarriors and AeroWarriors wear a belt buckle bearing the Spartan's emblem. Mech and Aero Warriors are considered Elite Troopers and thus wear no rank insignia. Their uniform sports a plain grey epaulette until Leftenant.

Stripes are worn on the upper sleeve on both arms. Unless otherwise stated, stripes are blue.
Disks are worn on a plain grey epaulette.



Senior Tech
In charge of all techs, mech, aero, & mechanical
Chief Astech
Responsible for coordination, and if needed, training of all locally recruited astechs.

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