Space Vermin RPG Association: Derek Smith

One of the orginal Space Vermin and second GM of our Battletech game. He is also running a PBEM Amber Diceless RPG game in which several Space Vermin are playing. He also had something to say about Amber Tarot Deck
Derek is also a bit of Gearhead himself. He designed a really cool TL 15 air/raft for our Spinward Marches Traveller Campaign.
He is running our PBEM/Online Near Earth Traveller Campaign

Player Characters for:

Major Alister Jeremy Haldane
Used to be the CO of Haldane's Harriers, a mercenary Mech Battlalion in the employ of the Lyran Commonwealth. He was killed in action against the DCMS Sword of Light.  Major Haldane first piloted a custom 55 Ton Mech.  Then he strode the battlefield in his 85 ton Battlemaster assault Mech Justice.
There are however rumors of a former MW in the DCMF POW camps, nearly crippled by extensive burn wounds over his entire body...(The Federated Suns Patient?)
MW Finvarra McCabe
A hotshot Quickdraw pilot out to make a name for himself. A former member of Team Banzai. Currently a member of Haldane's Harriers.
Tech Milo Redwolf
He was Alister Haldane's personal tech. He stayed with the Harriers after the Major's death.
A former Corp combat Mage. As his street name suggests, he has a fondness for fire based spells. Ember operates in the Boston Sprawl.
Apshavaal Haati
A Martian. The Red Men had a difficult time pronouncing his name. They called him "Archie".
Julian MacRorie
A former Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Officer, and veteran of the Fifth Frontier War. He is currently the Pilot and Captain of the March Hare.
Dirdinshi Dishkiinshir, a.k.a. "Doc Borg"
The March Hare's Ship's Scientist. While this full blooded Viliani has a medical degree, he never did his residency. He is not a licensed medical doctor. Dispite his surgical skill, he is not a board certified surgeon. He has an advanced degree in Robotics. Guess where the nickname "Doc Borg" comes from?
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