The air/raft carried by the March Hare.  A Far Trader in use by the Space Vermin in their Traveller Campaign.
This air/raft was designed by Derek Smith using GDW's Fire, Fusion & Steel.

This Air/Raft is a 3 displacement ton vehicle, using AntiGrav (overpowered ContraGrav) propulsion. 4 tons of thrust bring it to a top speed of 396.667 kph (just under the 400 kph limit imposed on simple configurasion chassis.)

<Note: AntiGrav as overpowered ContraGrav is not in the rules, but a GM's interpretation of how to do a *gravity polarization* lift and thrust combination.>

The chassis is 1 cm thick composite laminate all the way around, with additional protection on the Front, Sides, and Bottom, giving it AV 12 (Front and Bottom), AV 9 Sides, and AV 6 (Top and Rear). The Front is Moderately sloped, *further* increasing its AV to 18.

This Air/Raft features TL 15 Holographic Linked Controls, 2 Open Crew Stations (the vehicle may be piloted by 1 crew at no penalty, however). It has TL 10 Flight Avionics and Navigational Aid. It

Features TL 15 Terrain Following Avionics, giving it a Top [safe] NOE speed of 190 kph. Finally, this Air/Raft has two (2) TL 15 Flight Computers (1 primary and 1 backup).

This Air/Raft features Extended Life Support for 6 Persons, though normally, it has seating for only 4 (1 crew, 1 crew/passenger, and 2 passengers). Additional individuals will need a pillow for their butts and some bunji cord with which to strap themselves in.

For Electronics, this Air/Raft features a 300km TL 15 Radio, and Passive EMS Sensors (w/Antenna), also with a 300km range. (The Power Requirements for Active Sensors were ridiculous). It also has two (2) sets of "headlights", one standard set, and one mounted to double as "landing lights", and a wide-spectrum searchlight (TL C - don't look for it on the chart, it's not there.) Finally, for tight-beam/secure communication, this air/raft features a 3000 km range MESON communicator. (Which costs more than the whole rest of the vehicle put together!)

This Air/Raft is unarmed, put possesses the appropriate bracing and sockets for the addition of two (2) pintle mounted weapons. The original design concept was for one High TL grenade launcher or auto grenade launcher, and one High TL direct energy feed laser weapon which would feed off of the Battery system (which itself would be recharged by surplus power output from the Fusion Plant.)

This Air/Raft features 2 power plants, a TL 15, 1 MW Fusion Plant as a primary power source, and a TL 15, 0.75 MW Battery System as a backup. Some systems (like AntiGrav Thrust) would have to be run at below full power, or turned off, to run solely on the Battery Backup system. This Air/Raft's power requirements for simultaneous operation of all components at full power is 0.9294 MW. This Air/Raft carries sufficient fuel (LHyd) to operate it's 1MW Fusion Power Plant for 0.1 years (36.5 days) continuously at full power output. Note that in normal usage, the Air/Raft uses slightly less than 1 MW of power, and wouldn't be flown at full throttle continuously anyway, so actual "endurance" is probably significantly higher.

This Air/Raft may be piloted by a single crewmember at no penalty, but a second crew station is installed to allow in-flight swapping of pilots, or in case of emergencies. 2 Removable [Adequate] Passenger Seats are installed. Removal of these seats adds an additional 7 cubic meters of Cargo space.

The cargo capacity of this Air/Raft depends upon whether the removable passenger seats are installed. With the seats installed (standard configuration), 17.6299 cubic meters of cargo capacity is available

The price of this Air/Raft is Cr 1,668,750.

                       VOLUME  MASS    POWER   SA      COST

Simple, 3 DispTon       (42)    8               (210)   0.008
Composite Laminate, (Toughness=6), 1cm thickness, MV=1.0, Armor Value=6 for all surfaces except those listed following:
Additional Armor
   Front 1cm (AV 12)            0.8
   Sides 0.5cm (AV 9)           1.2
   Botton 1cm (AV 12)           2                       0.004 (all told)

Moderate Slope Front    4.2

High Efficiency A/G
3t lift, 4t thrust      2.1     1.4     0.7             0.21

Holo. Linked (TL F)     0.042   0.042   0.003           0.006
Open Crew Stations (2)  7       0.4                     0.004
Flight Avionics (TL 10) 0.001   0.001   0.1             0.25
Terrain Following
(TL F - NOE Speed=190)  0.05    0.02    0.02            0.017
Nav Aid (TL 10)         0.001   0.001   0.01            0.025
Flight Computers (2),
(TL F), main & backup   1.4     0.28    0.11            0.004

Extended, 6 persons     0.096   0.096   0.0024          0.006

Radio (TL F) 300km      0.0001          0.01            0.0005
Passive EMS (TL F),
300 km w/ Antenna       0.045   0.085   0.004   0.1     0.085
Searchlight             0.01    0.01    0.001   0.001   0.01
Headlights (2)          0.004   0.002           0.0002  0.0001
Landing Lights (2)      0.004   0.002           0.0002  0.0001
Meson Commo (TL F),
3000km range            2.0     4.0     0.2             1.0

Unarmed, but see text for capability to add two weapon systems in pintle mounts. Fire control for these weapons is the installer's problem.
Pri: 1 MW Fusion (TL F) 0.167   0.333   (1)             0.0333
Sec: 0.75 MW Batteries
(also TL F)             0.25    0.625   (0.75)          0.00375

Fuel:  LHyd             0.0017  0.0017                  N/A
Note1: The amount of fuel listed here is sufficient for 0.1 years of continuous operation (36.5 days).
Note2: Fuel cost is listed as N/A as the March Hare itself can scoop and process the fuel needed for this Air/Raft.

2 Crew (1 needed)       ---------Crew Stations Above---------
2 [adequate] Passenger
Seats (REMOVABLE)       7       0.04                    0.0002

w/ Passenger Seating    17.6299 4.40748
                                                        1.66875 (MCr)


Endurance:  36.5 days fuel for Fusion plant at maximum output.

Top Speed:  396.667 kph
NoE Speed:  190.000 kph
Cru Speed:  297.500 kph

Armor Values:
Front:  18
Sides:  9
Rear:   6
Top:    6
Bottom: 12

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Air/Raft designed by Derek R. Smith

Designed with GDW's Fire, Fusion, and Steel
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