After Action Report 11 November 3025

Day 1 of Proserpina Raid (1st Action)

AVR-X Gifted, D Quinn piloting

Gifted participated with the rest of the company in an offensive action designed to carry the Horner Pass base. The raid was designed to destroy the company and capture the base as a ground base for further activities.

Company Mission Goals:

Capture Horner Pass Base. Neutralize the fort defenses. Destroy or capture any enemy battlemech forces.

Lance Mission:

Form the north pincer of an attack. Support the Recon lance. Neutralize the fort defenses, and destroy or capture any enemy battlemech forces.

AVR-X Gifted Mission:

As the best-armored 'Mech in the Assault Lance, Gifted was to press the assault on the fort to draw out enemy 'Mech forces.

After Action Report:

Per plan, the Assault Lance and the Recon Lance landed north of the pass at 0648 and advanced south toward the crest of the pass. The Recon and Command Lances probed the fort from north and south. The Command Lance destroyed the enemy company's recon lance before they could report. The Assault Lance deployed into action and started battleclocks at 0735:48 hrs Zulu.

0737:35 hrs: As the Assault Lance came into range, Gifted advanced along the west wall of the pass, El Ponderosa and Thunder moved to cover behind a 6m rock in the pass, and Avenging Angel and Caramba! moved along the east wall. The fort was emplaced at the crest of the pass. It was no more than 200 meters wide. Four of its towers were built up the east wall of the pass, the other two some 60m into the pass connected by a 12m curtain wall. An Archer was positioned in a firing port in the north wall and a Thunderbolt was deployed north of the fort. Gifted began taking fire from the northeast and north towers and the enemy Archer.

0737:47 hrs: The Thunderbolt converged on Gifted as I advanced on the fort. It fired on and kicked Gifted. I targeted the LRMs on the Northwest tower and lasered the Thunderbolt. El Ponderosa and Thunder also targeted the Thunderbolt. 0737:59 hrs: Gifted moved closer to the wall of the pass to avoid fire from the north and northwest towers up on the west ridge of the pass. El Ponderosa and Thunder remained in position. The enemy Thunderbolt advanced to the other side of the rock. El Ponderosa and Thunder pounded the Thunderbolt, opening its chest and damaging its engine.

The Thunderbolt returned fire at them. Gifted fired LRMs at the fort, and lasered the Thunderbolt, hitting it in the head and destroying its cockpit.

0738:11 hrs: An enemy assault lance exited the fort headed south. A Stalker came out of the fort headed north. It paused at the northwest corner and fired at Gifted, who had reached the curtain wall by this time in a position where most of the towers and turrets weapons could not bear. After firing at the Archer, Gifted kicked down the wall between us. Someone shot the Stalker in the head with a PPC, destroying the cockpit and killing the pilot.

0738:23 hrs: The Archer backed out the gate of the fort, effectively blocking the exit. Gifted jumped over the corner of the fort behind it, managing to get a clear view of the back of an enemy Battlemaster also. I considered jumping on the Archer, but that would have put me under the guns of the northwest tower at very close range. Gifted landed in a position within minimum range of the northeast and southeast tower PPCs and LRMs.

Tailbiter hit the weakened Archer from the east ridge, penetrated an ammo locker, and exploded it. I managed to keep Gifted upright, and hit the back of the Battlemaster with some missiles. The Battlemaster fell over from the explosion, and surrendered. Looking south, there were 'Mech wrecks all over the field, all Legion of Vega. Our Command Lance was mopping them up.

The southwest corner tower collapsed under the fire of our Fire Lance, which had provided supporting fire to the Command Lance throughout the attack. I will need to review the tapes of the action to be sure.

0738:35 hrs: Capt Haldane called upon the enemy to surrender. Their remaining Awesome attempted to escape, but Last Mistake hit it in the head, destroying its cockpit and killing its pilot.

0738:47 hrs: Gifted was ordered to enter the fort and accept its formal surrender. Battleclock stopped 0738:52 hrs. Gifted called upon the remaining personnel in the fort to surrender and come outside. I was relieved from this duty by the Recon Lance's Locusts.

Initial Damage Report

Gifted sustained only armor damage to six surfaces: Head, left leg, right leg, right arm, center torso. The left leg had the most severe damage. Technician Zhiao estimates that 3.5 tons of armor supply will be required to replace the damaged sections. He estimates that repairs should require 3 hours.

Gifted expended 4 LRM-15 packs from each launcher (50% of issue).

This was my first fight. I believe Gifted performed at least up to standard. I accomplished my mission goal. I apologize for the damage to Gifted and will take steps toward reducing this in further actions.

Written and © Copyright 1989by Mitch Schwartz.
Battletech and Mechwarrior are Copyright © FASA Corporation.
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