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Duty on Somerset

Haldane's Harriers accepted a contract for frontier garrison duty on Somerset. Somerset is part of the Trellshire Theatre, along Steiner's Periphery border.

Having greatly expanded the battalion, this seemed to Major Haldane a good chance to train the new elements of the unit in a quiet setting while providing us with an income.

The Harriers got a lot of money and reputation (at least in Steiner Space) for their capture of Theodore Kurita. They expanded by some two Lances of mechs, and reorganized into mixed companies, each slightly specialized.

A (Airdrop) company's mechs are all jump-capable. Quinn was promoted to MechWarrior Sergeant, and given command of three 'Mechwarrior who had deserted from the legion of Vega during the Proserpina Raid. Captain Bear was in command of the other Mech Lance, as well as the entire company. The other platoon was made of four Helicopter gunships. This is a mobile, primary strike unit.

B (Baker) company is two lances of mechs, supported by a platoon of mechanized infantry in Hover fighting vehicles. Major Haldane retained command of that.

C (Charley) Company is concentrated for weight; its heavy lance is heavy enough to be an Assault unit. Charley Company is supported by a platoon of tanks, two heavy, two medium.

There is a Recon company (for administrative purposes only; it acts more as 3 independent platoons) of a light (and jump capable) 'Mech lance, a jump infantry platoon, and an air-mobile foot infantry platoon.

Major Haldane hired two more fighters to round out our survivors into an even air company of 3 lances. And more many technical support personnel.

Description of Somerset

The settled areas of Somerset (or at least those defended by the Government) are all on the smaller southern Continent along three river valleys: the Bourne, the Elbe, and the Highdrain. The area is split up into three districts: the Eastmark District, the Plains District, and the Highlands. These three rivers are very important to the economic stability of the planet, as they form its easiest maintained transportation route.

The planetary capital, the Duke's seat, is Somerset City. Somerset City is on the Bourne River, about halfway along its navigable flow from the east to the west through the Plains District. Somerset City is also the Plains District's capital, and the largest city on Somerset. They also have the largest stockpiles of food, material, and the largest water processing plant on the planet. At the headwaters of the Bourne is Kalvar, which has the currently active spaceport. Somerset City used to have one, but they do not have enough business to justify the costs of operating two spaceports. Southeast of Kalvar are mountains.

Down river from Somerset City is Evelard, at the confluence of the Bourne and the Elbe. Joyne is the largest city of the Eastmark district, which spreads from Evelard north up the Elbe. Its administrative capital is in Talneur. The land is flat, firm, and open. The river drains the rolling hills of the region. Population density is thickest by the river. The Eastmark District seemed to be made for farming, cattle, - and armor combat. Only a desert is cleaner for warfare.

Between the Eastmark District and the Plains district is the Highlands. Like the other two districts, the Highlands has a central river, the Highdrain. As its name implies, the Highlands are mountains, with sharp ridges, steep valleys, plateaus, and forests. The Highlanders are a rather independent lot, and pay as little attention to the Duke's government as they can.

Other Military Unit Deployment

There are some planetary and other forces.


Deployment of Haldane's Harriers

All headquarters units and Baker company are deployed in Fort Maxim, just outside (and above) Kalvar. Fighter and drop-ship elements are poised at the Kalvar spaceport.

Charley Company is based in Evelard.

Airdrop company's jump-capable 'mechs were sent to Ebrauc, at the north end of the Highlands District (the Gensher area).


The Harriers have been hired to protect the planet from the occasional off-planet raiders, water raiders mostly. Once we touched down, we were also informed of a minor uprising in the Highlands: farmers running around in the woods who occasionally pot-shot at army and militia vehicles, raid a warehouse, and so on.

That is what the players were told.....

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