Space Vermin RPG Association: Jim Gallant

A long time Space Vermin who has provided some rather interesting characters that are blast to role play with.

Player Characters for:

MWSgt Alex Larkin
He worked his way up to Lt. Quinn's assistant lance leader in Haldane's Harriers. Missy called him "Quinn's Puppy". He is a serious student of Lt. Quinn's methods of training. He first piloted Momma Liked Me Best, before obtaining Headshot.
MW David "Dickhead" Larkin
The officer-hating, trouble causing, evil twin brother of Alex. He was KIA during action on Somerset.
MW Sam Larkin
Cousin to the twin Larkin brothers in Haldane's Harriers. He is a member of Steele's Spartans. He is a graduate of the Sakhara Academy.
Lance Corporal Robert Finigin
A native of Vilis, has held a number of jobs, including bounty hunting. He is currently employed by the Silver Rose Security Agency. He is assigned to the security team aboard the March Hare.
Ranger Garm
A warrior.
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