Space Vermin RPG Association: Stuart Schiffman

Currently not an active Space Vermin. Stu is an excellent role player and a boon to any group.
Recommended by Stuart for any gamer is the Pocket Ref. This small book covers a lot of material. Quite handy for those odd player questions.

Player Characters for:

Vinnie Steiner
Yes, one of those Steiners. He's on a side branch of the family and considered a black sheep and a rouge. He was assigned to a planetary raid that Haldane's Harriers were part of. He liked that relaxed atmosphere of the unit (as opposed to the LCAF) and weasled his next assigment to be the unit's LCAF liason officer.
After the death of Major Haldane, he figured that things were going be a bit more military under Major Foster. When members of the Harrier's calved off Steele's Spartans, Vinnie resigned his commission and join the unit as their Operations Officer. Some say it was to keep close to Barbara Yadd, who joined the Spartan's as their Dropship Pilot.
Lft. Boris Katrovarisch
A former lance leader in the Harriers. Now commander of Gamma Lance in Steele's Spartans.
He is 180cm tall, and masses 75 Kilograms, The model of a modern, military MechWarrior, the LCAF trained officer has broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and dark blue eyes. His dark brown hair is curly, complete with bushy sideburns, and a handle bar mustache.
After his mech was destroyed in combat, he resigned from the LCAF and joined the Harriers as a Tech. He figured his chance of getting a mech again were better.
He is a native of Tharkad, from the "Little Moscow" region.
MW Alphonse "Gator" Boudreaux
Born and bred on Terra. He left to sign up with the LCAF and see the Galaxy. He got linked up with Vinnie Steiner in a holding cell and has been with him ever since. When Lt. Steiner resigned his commission and joined Steele's Spartans, Gator (and his mech) tagged along.
MW Lamont Grimjack
Another Legion of Vega deserter who joined up with Haldane's Harriers. Lamont pilots an Assassin. He is often seen with MWSgt Carazon.
When Slick Carazon left the Harriers, Lamont stayed.
A short, stocky human. Enough so to be often mistaken for a dwarf. He is a type of magically active person known as a physical adept. His perferred weapons are a monofiliment whip and a bow.
A Rigger. One who uses cyberware to merge with a vehicle for enhanced performance. He operates out of the Boston Sprawl. The Bishop is both a skilled ground vehicle operator (car & bike) and a helicopter pilot.
Comander Pieter Koeniggard, RN ret'd.
The late Captain of the SS High Rhodes. A native of South Africa.
Billi Bantu
Zulu manservant of Koeniggard.
A superhero operating out of Boston. Dresses like Robin Hood. Complete with tights, elf shoes, a bow and a quiver of arrows.
Berthold Gruenwold
A mage.
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