Steele's Spartans Mercenary Mech Company

Alpha Lance
Captain Grex Steele Griffin Talon Mark U.
MW Banzai Wiener Jenner Passed Tense Mitch
MW Gator Boudreaux Commando Swamp Rat Stuart
MW Samuel Larkin Griffin         Rubenisc Jim G.
Beta Lance
Leftenant Dysart Quinn Griffin-S Raptor Mitch
MW Eric Wade Wolverine Howler Mark V.
MW William Bradford Commando TBN Charles
MW Karl Hilnder Valkyrie Giri Mark U.

Gamma Lance
Leftenant Boris Katrovarisch Vindicator Natasha Stu
MW Goddard Vindicator Hand of God Charles
MW Sarah Lange Catapult TBN Mark V.
MW Katylin Argus Dervish TBN Mike

Additional Personnel:
Lft. Barbara Yadd, command of the Union Dropship `Coven'
13 crew:

Aeropilot Stan Carter, Corsair
Aeropilot Steve Carter, Corsair

Lft. Vincent Steiner - Stuart

Chief Medical Officer Dvo

Senior Tech Hsiu Zhiao - Mitch
Chief Astech Dana Bean - Charles
other techs

Infantry Support

Scout 'Rock' Njinski (R)

Leftenant Steiner is in charge of the paperwork and other non-combat functions (Mech and Dropship maintenance is considered a combat function). He has a small staff (4) to assist him. One member of his staff is Administrative Assistant Raven McCoy. A zaftig redhead who is quite skilled at bargaining with local suppliers.

Senior Tech Zhiao is in charge of all technical staff. This includes maintenance for all Mechs, the Union Dropship, vehicles and equipment.

Aerospace Support:
1 Union Dropship, Coven

2 medium Corsair Aerospace Fighters, Bluebeard & Redbeard

Our Unit owns a single (well, actually some Lyran bank owns it and we pay the premiums) Dropship can carry our Mechs and 2 aerofighters into combat. By hot bunking, we can also carry along needed techs, and even our permanent support personnel when setting up a semi-permanent base.

Infantry Support:
Infantry squad under the command of Sgt. Suki Kaiser. This squad of four NCOs and six troopers is more of a striker force. They coordinate Spartan personnel to improve the base security.

Other vehicles:

Ground: A half dozen trucks, light and heavy; a half dozen jeep/humvee transports, 2 skimmers, one electronics/communications truck; 2 ambulances

Air: 2 VTOL Scouts; 1 VTOL crane/cargo vehicle; 2 small STOL fixed wing scout/transports;

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