The Space Vermin's Battletech/Mechwarrior Campain.

Non-Player Characters:

Captain Victor Haldane:
First CO of Haldane's Harriers. Killed by House Liao troops. Father of Alister Haldane.
Lt. Tempus Steele:
Founding member of Haldane's Harriers. Killed by House Liao troops. Father of Grex Steele.
Major Darrian Foster, Ret.:
The only survivor of the orginal Haldane's Harriers Mechwarriors. He has retired from an active staff/command position in the unit. He still is a major stockholder and sits on the unit's Board of Directors.
Major Thomas Foster:
Darrian Foster's eldest son and heir. He is the current CO of Haldane's Harriers. He pilots a 2750 Tech Phoenix Hawk mech.
Captain Running Bear:
Executive Officer of Haldane's Harriers and one of the Mech Company Commanders. He is a full blooded Amerind and veteran of both the LCAF & AFFS.
Dr. Jamison Blake:
Uncle to MWSgt Melissa Blake, and Chief Medical Officer of Haldane's Harriers. He also is in charge of the unit's support staff.
Baron Dent:
A really, really good tech currently providing his services to Haldane's Harriers.
Steve Carter:
A Corsair Aerospace fighter pilot. He and his twin brother Stan used to fly Aerospace figthers for Haldane's Harriers. Both are currently members of Steele's Spartans.
Stan Carter:
Twin brother and wingman of Steve Carter. He also pilots a Corsair. The two are known as 'The Pirates'. Their ships are nameed Bluebeard and Redbeard.
Joshua Bender:
A elder cousin of MWSgt Melissa Blake. He is a senior Tech with Haldane's Harriers.
Sgt. Roy Jeeter:
The secretary/aide to Haldane's Harrier's CO. Jeeter's parents were support staff for Haldane's Harriers. He grew up in the unit, along with Melissa Blake, Alister Haldane, Tom Foster, and Grex Steele. He never wanted to be a Mechwarrior or a combatant of any kind. The thought of combat gives him the shakes and causes a cold sweat. He is a very efficent administrator though. Jeeter keeps all the CO's paperwork straight as well as knowing his way through the LCAF's Mercenary Liason Office maze of paperwork.
MW Amanda Marks:
Hired by Haldane's Harriers after they left Free World League space for the Lyran Commonwealth. She is a brutally efficent killer in and out a mech cockpit. She has a deep hatred for the Kurita military, that runs to berserk rage at times. Most of one arm is a cybernetic replacement. Half of her ribs on the same side are replacements from the same battle injury that cost her arm.
MWSgt Cassandra Ainira:
A graduate of Haldane's Harrier's apprentice program. She was first assigned to the Griffin mech Joe's Baby, which she rechristen Tailbiter. Her second mech was the rebuilt heavy Marauder mech, Last Mistake.  She was KIA in the same battle that claimed Major Haldane.
Aerotech Greta Drake:
An Aerotech in Steel's Spartans. She and her identical twin sister Gretchen used to be with Haldane's Harriers, as Aerotechs assigned to the Pirate wing.
Aerotech Gretchen Drake:
Sister to Greta Drake. These twins have been romantically linked to the Carter Twins. Both she and her sister are painfully perky blue eyed blondes. They are also crosstrained as VTOL pilots.
Tech Robert "Azure" Johnson:
A Steele's Spartans Tech. He used to be on the tech staff at the Allison Mechwarrior Academy. He got tired of maintaining mechs for 'kids with more attitude than sense'. Tall, thin, lean, and one of the blackest black men you have ever seen. He's good. He's gruff. He plays the guitar and drinks his hootch neat.
Tech Cherry Garcia:
A senior tech in Steele's Spartans. While no nonsense in the mech bay, she cuts loose off duty. Loud music, bright flashing lights, and booze on tap. Middle age hasn't slowed her down much.
Kyle Issac Andersen:
Lft. Quinn's new batman. Young tech with limited mech piloting skill. He wants to be mechwarrior!  He learned the trade from his uncle Bayon, who was his last surviving family member. Uncle Bayon died on Quentin, during the Kurtian invasion. He is a fairly good tech with solid training. He also served as his uncle's "squire", so he already understands much of what Lft. Quinn requires of a Batman.
Corporal Mimi Denneli Garcia:
The company's new Admin Coordinator. She is the niece of Tech Cherry Garcia. At age 19, she is efficient, attractive, and an expert in close quarter combat. Adopted daughter of Cherry's brother, who was killed, along with his wife during a Kurita raid.

Crew of the Dropship Coven

Lft. Barbara Yadd:
Commander of Steele's Spartans' Union Dropship, Coven. Formally a Leopard pilot with Haldane's Harriers. She has been linked, in a personal matter, (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) with Leftentant Vincent Steiner.
Engineer Terry Hawk-Dovershire:
The only male crew member aboard the Dropship Coven. He is a devout Catholic who has taken a vow of chasity till either marrage or he enters the priesthood.
Engineer Lita Vanderhees
XO Fiona Bariman:
Petite, green eyed, short red hair. An avid Tarot card reader/collector. A skilled artist, she is working on a deck that uses images from members of the Spartans.
She is a skilled horseback rider. Her skills include breeding and breaking.
Chf Eng Scarlet Sonjiaburg:
A red haired body builder.
Gunner Annibellum Oaklyn:
A skilled markswoman, both pistol & rifle.
Gunner Sumeria Carter:
Sister of Stan & Stan Carter.
Eng Roberta Seven:
A cheery blonde.
Eng Mindy King
Eng Kerrie Mork
Cargo Master Nissia Smith
Gunner Jane Doe:
She doesn't talk about her past.
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