Space Vermin RPG Association: Mark Van Hyning

A die hard Space Vermin. Mark runs our Shadowrun campaign. He also ran our GURPS:Fantasy campaign. He is also a chef. A rather good pastry chef as well. He and I used to fence sabre at the Boston Fencing Club. If you are in the Boston area and interested in fencing, it's the place to go. It's located on Walnut Street in Watertown. Call for a schedule. (617) 926-3450.

Player Characters for:

MW Akton
A Mechwarror with Haldane's Harriers. A former member of the DCMS's Legion of Vega. He deserted, with most of his company, and surrendered the Harriers, who were raiding the planet they were stationed on. A physically small man, he tries to avoid personal combat whenever possible.
MechWarrior Eric Wade
A graduate of the Allison Mechwarrior Academy (located in the Free Worlds League). A few years ahead of him was Senior Cadet Quinn. He is currently a member of Steele's Spartans. Before that, he piloted his mech, Howler, for Haldane's Harriers.
A former tribal military officer. Currently for hire as a Street Samurai in the Shadows of the Boston Sprawl.
Lt. Marshall Graham
A former Imperial Marine Officer, and veteran of the Fifth Frontier War. He is currently employed by the Silver Rose Security Agency and assigned to the March Hare.
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