3001:Capellan March / FS
Liao Warrior House regiments rout the Davion 7th Crucis Lancers off the world of Lincoln.
3002 Harrow's Sun / FS
Prince Ian Davion routs Kuritan forces off-planet in the Third Battle of Harrow's Sun.
3003 Tsama / CC
The Davion Dry River Devils surrender after a botched invasion of Liaoist Tsama.
3003 Draconis March / FS
Hanse Davion, Prince Ian's brother, is given a battalion command in the Draconis March. The Federated Suns sieze Cylene III, Elidere, and Deshler.
3007 Draconis March / FS
Takashi Kurita sends two great offensives into Federated Suns territory, one which he leads personally aimed at Cylene, Mara, and Galatia III, and a second aimed at Harrow's Sun, Benet III, and Crossing. They are repelled at great cost.
3007 Draconis March (or Talon?) / FS
Halane's Harriers are founded by veterns of a Davion Guards regiment after they muster out. Most are natives of the planet Talon, and have connections with Kallon Industries, a facility there that produces Battlemechs of exceptional quality.

They symbolizing choose a unit crest their mechs and origin. The crest contains a dark hawk (Shadow Hawk) against a sunburst (Phoenix Hawk /Federated Suns origin) that is holding in one of its talons a lightning bolt (Thunderbolt) and in the other a sheaf of arrows (Archer).

They take service with House Davion.

Captain Victor Haldane and Kali Martin are rumored to start a long-lasting affair.



Capt Victor Haldane Shadow Hawk
MW Tempus Steele Thunderbolt Stonewall
MW Wu Finn Archer Perfect Ending
MW Darrian Foster Phoenix Hawk Pegasus


2Lt Kali Ariel MartinStingrayRoute 66
Pilot Letana MorganChippewaWomp Rat


Sgt Jean-Baptiste La Mar, 6 troops


Tinker Davis and Juice Crane

3011 Quentin / FS
Bender's Bravos, a two-lance mercenary unit stationed on its home world of Quentin, is all but destroyed in a Kurita raid. Its survivors merge with the Harriers, also stationed there at the time. They bring into the Harriers two mechs to be named later; four mechwarriors: former Captain Gloria Bender, her brother David, and a Lee; Gloria's husband Doctor Jamison Blake; his brother Technician John Blake, and a number of Blake and Bender family members.
3011-3020 ?????
Other people who become Old-time Harriers join the unit around this time. Included are the Duggans, Joe Reese, and the Carters twins.

3012 Capellan March / FS
Hanse Davion sent to investigate inefficiency in the Capellan March. He wins the Battle of Wright.
3013 Mallory's World / FS
Months long Battle of Mallory's World. The Federated Suns successfully defend against the Kuritans, but Prince Ian is killed in action. Hanse Davion is proclaimed Prince. There is an attempt on his life.
3014 Halstead Station / DC
Prince Hanse wins the Battle of Halstead Station, and recovers many Star League era books. With these books he will open the New Avalon Institute of Science.
3014 St Ives / CC
Kingston's Commandos and Tristram's Terrors, mercenary units serving House Davion, undertake a successful raid of the Liao planet of St Ives. Prince Hanse is encouraged and begins making more use of mercenaries.
3015 Mara / FS
Kurita forces take the Davion world of Mara.
3020 ????? / FS?
Darrian Foster retires from active mech combat to take up an administrative position in the Harriers. His Phoenix Hawk Pegasus passes to his son Thomas.

Alister Haldane and Grex Steele (sons of two of the founding mechwarriors) enter Sakhara Academy in the Davion Draconis March. Grex's tuition is made possible by a gift from a maiden aunt on his mother's side.

Boris Katrovarisch joins the Harriers as a tech.

Captain Haldane commissions a new mech design from Kallon Industries, the Shiva. A sufficient number of wealthy backers are interested, so the project is begun.

Archon Katrina Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth issues her famous "Peace Proposal".

3022 Classified / FS
Joe Reese of the Harriers is killed by a head shot to his Griffin "Joe's Baby". Cassandra Ainira is brought up from the appretince program to pilot his mech, which she renames "Tailbiter". Cassandra was Harrier born and raised. Her parent's were Mechwarriors with the Davion Guards, who died in battle.. She was raised by her Uncle, an Aerotech with the Harriers. Her life's goal was to become a Mechwarrior like her parents.

The Federated Commonwealth document is signed, allying the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth.

House Liao's McCarron's Armored Cavalry begin their three-year pillage through Federated Suns space.

Nov 3023 Crucis March / FS
Disenchanted by the successes of House Liao's McCarron's Armored Cavalry's deep penetration into Federated Sun's territory and by the seeming lack of support and coordination by the Davion government, Haldane's Harriers wait for their latest contract to expire and then sign on with patrons in the Free World's League. They are assigned to garrison the desert world of Kalidasa.
Feb-Jul 3024 Transit
Haldane's Harriers are transported through Davion and Marik Space to the Marik world of Kalidasa. They take with them the first production model of the Shiva. Captain Victor Haldane intends this to be a graduation gift for his son.
Aug 3024 Kalidasa / FWL
Harriers set up garrison on Kalidasa.
Dec 3024 Sakhara / FS
After graduating from Sakhara Academy (with honors, of course) Alister Haldane and Grex Steele depart for Kalidasa to rejoin their fathers' unit.
Apr 3025 Kalidasa / FWL
Alister Haldane and Grex Steele rejoin Haldane's Harriers on Kalidasa. Soon after their homecoming occurs "The Tragedy". While out in recon mechs to investigate some strange sensor contacts, Captain Haldane's Command Lance personnel are killed in an ambush by units of House Liao's Chesterton Reserves.
Destroyed: Captain's Shadow Hawk, three recon mechs.
KIA: Captain Victor Haldane, Lt. Tempus Steele, MW Luwanda Lee, MW Issac Duggan
May 3025 Kalidasa / FWL
As the heir of the old Captain and therefore major stockholder, Alister Haldane is promoted to Captain of the remains of Haldane's Harriers.

Capt Alister Haldane    Shiva           Shiva
  MW Grex Steele        Thunderbolt     Stonewall   (Inherited from father)
  MW Eric Monroe        Enforcer        Caramba!
  MW Cassandra Ainira   Griffin         Tailbiter

2Lt Thomas Foster       Phoenix Hawk    Pegasus
  MW Kenneth Taylor-Wu  Archer          Perfect Ending
  MW David Lee          Locust          Cyclone
  MW William Thorbuld   Locust          Gremlin


2Lt Kali Ariel Martin   Stingray        Route 66
  Pilot Letana Morgan   Chippewa        Womp Rat


WO Stan Carter          Corsair         Redbeard
  Pilot Steve Carter    Corsair         Bluebeard


2Lt Jean-Baptiste La Mar, 28 troops


Tinker Davis, Juice Crane, Darrian Foster, Jamison Blake


                        Leopard         Yabbadu
                        Leopard         Xanadu
                        Leopard         Katmandu

May 3025 Kalidasa / FWL
Harriers combat units of the Chesterton Reserves, during which Grex Steele's Thunderbolt takes a magazine hit and explodes. Grex is severely injured.
Discovery of Star League experimental station containing enhanced neurohelmets / targetting systems, high efficiency heat sinks, the AVR-1X, and the following Star League era mechs:  Marauders "El Ponderosa" and "Thunder", Battlemaster "Justice", Phoenix Hawk "Peregrine".
Prizes from the Chestertons include the Vindicator "Avenging Angel" and Marauder "Last Mistake" (one of Grex's prizes).
Mechs of unknown origins acquired during this time include Commando "Slinker", Valkyrie "Natasha", and Locust "Road Runner".

Jun 3025 Kalidasa / FWL
Dysart Quinn is met at the Harriers' Victory Ball. Alister Haldane is impressed with him and offers to test him in a simulation run. Quinn does quite well, and is invited to join the Harriers. He is chosen to pilot the AVR-1X, which is named "Gifted".
The Harriers' Free Worlds League contract expires. They negotiate a new one to House Steiner for a raid into Kurita Space.
Jul 3025 Galatea? / LC
The Harriers hire the following mechwarriors at this mercenary meat-market:

A number of support people are also acquired.

Dan Duggan and Melissa Blake graduate early from the Harriers' apprentice program.

Aug 3025 Transit
Harriers and Winfield's Brigade begin transport for the raid on Proserpina.
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